Paris By Air

Willie Cleer - Drums, keyboards, bass, vocals - Willie formed Paris By Air in 1985, alongside Rick Munarriz and George Berkowitz. They all played in the locally popular cover band Revel with Marlene Sotelo and Rik DeCubas. As a skilled multi-instrumentalist, Will played bass and sax during the formative months. When Berkowitz left, he took over for the drum programming as well.

Terri Gil - Vocals, keyboards - Terri has been the lead singer since 1992, at the helm for the releases of "I'm Serious" in 1992 and "All Around the Sound" in 1995. She also sings lead on "Don't Close Your Eyes in the Dark" which appeared in the 2002 thriller movie "Serial Intentions".

Rick Munarriz - Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals - Rick has been at ground zero for the band's synth-happy sounds since the beginning. It was his home where most of the songs were originally composed and demoed and he also named the band. Willie and Rick had just graduated from Christopher Columbus high school when the band was formed.

Haydee Rivera - Haydee joined Rick and Willie in the summer of 1985, and went to lead the band through the Billboard charting releases of "Voices in Your Head" and "C'mon and Dance With Me" -- and the seasonally potent "It's Another Holiday". She left the band to go solo in New York in 1991. She continues performing today.

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